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Our ESG Commitment

Interwest Capital was founded in 2003 by Alex Roudi as an innovative real estate investment firm, committed to improving the lives of our tenants, investors and employees.


Our Philosophy

Our success and stability stems from the values that serve as our corporate foundation. As a prominent real estate owner and developer, we recognize our responsibility to contribute in a positive and meaningful way to our planet, our society and our communities.



Since our founding, we have taken pride in being exemplary stewards of capital. Furthermore, we believe that it is our obligation to set a high bar as stewards of our planet.  As a responsible global corporate citizen, we have an obligation to do everything we can to address climate change and mitigate the impact our business operations have on the environment.

From the management of our existing assets to developing new projects, Interwest Capital is committed to incorporating environmen­tally-friendly practices throughout its business.  This is evident in everything from the installation of energy efficient appliances to our “Water First” strategy in drought prone regions.  Interwest Capital has gone to great lengths to execute environmental development plans which will result in approximately 345 LEED certified, newly constructed multifamily housing units by 2026. On existing assets, we strive to implement green initiatives and other best practices for energy conservation to support the environment.

In addition to making our investment assets more eco-friendly, Interwest Capital has committed to reducing the impact at the corporate level.  Our corporate headquarters was specifically chosen in a LEED certified building, and we practice a strong adherence to low impact day-to-day operations.







We believe that it is imperative that our legacy be felt, not only in the wealth we create but in the people we impact. It is for that reason we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we strive to enrich all of the communities in which we live, work and build. We believe in giving back to our communities, reinvesting in the neighborhoods in which we operate, and supporting those in need.

Diversity at all levels creates the opportunity for our organization to see and to hear new ideas, thereby establishing innovation, growth and improved operational and financial performance. Cultivating an equitable and inclusive environment ensures that we attract and retain the best talent. Having different opinions, ideas and perspectives fosters a better understanding of our employees, tenants, investors, vendors and ways of doing business.

Corporate employees are provided with annual paid time off to volunteer locally as part of our commitment to improving the conditions of the environment around us.  It is important to us that not only do we practice social responsibility but that our team is engaged as well.

As part of Interwest Capital’s comprehensive and ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are delighted that our CEO, Alex Roudi, has signed a pledge supporting a more inclusive workplace through our partnership with CEO Action.  This pledge puts Interwest Capital in the company of some of the nation’s largest organizations, taking action to actively address social inequality with the mission of establishing global inclusivity.

In addition to making diversity, equity and inclusion one of our top priorities at our corporate office, we also strive to ensure our vendors, specifically those managing staff at our properties, promote the same values.  Starting in 2022, we are requiring all third-party management companies to submit to us their DEI policies and action statements prior to beginning engagement.  Additionally, we are encouraging all of our current third-party management companies to submit their DEI policies or begin considering establishing one.  We believe this step will help ensure that our social impact extends beyond the corporate level.


At Interwest Capital, we take great pride in setting an example at the highest level.  This endeavor requires us to have an acute focus on responsible and ethical corporate governance.

We thrive on teamwork and collaboration and believe that we all work best when we all work together. We promote innovation, creativity, imagination and initiative for the betterment of our company, our industry and our tenants.

We foster an atmosphere of open and honest communication between our leaders, managers and employees, as well as our customers and partners. We listen to one another, and we consider and respect all viewpoints, especially those that challenge our assumptions. We succeed when everyone around us feels empowered to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Internally, we have a diverse management team of experienced executives. This Executive Committee convenes bi-weekly in addition to interacting regularly. The Committee is headed by a leadership group made up of the CEO, Vice Presidents, and Principals of the company. The CEO facilitates a weekly Investment Committee and strategy meeting which guides the company’s growth and expansion.

We believe in developing and promoting technologies, programs and systems that better serve our customers and company. We embrace change and welcome people and partners that seek to disrupt and challenge the status quo.

Ultimately, we hold ourselves accountable for conducting business and acting in alignment with our values and company mission statement.